About us

For the past 05 years, Ceylon Fair has been selling variety of consumer goods as per the demand of consumer. Start from Sri Lankan unique products such as Ayurvedic items, Creams, Perfumes 7 Spices to stamps, medical items and many more to satisfy differnt sets of consumer requirements. Our passionate team seeks out the best real ingredients Mother Earth has to offer, Carefully manufactured, harvesting pure, natural flavors to make every our customer can feel good about.

It all started with Ceylon Fair In 2009, Ceylon Fair started with the goal of making a Happy and Healthy people in Sri Lanka. Our motive, Hardworking and superb team produced a good sales and remarkable growth in local market. Later we decide to take the business and services to international community with the partnership of “The world’s best ecommerce portal – EBAY “. We wanted to show by example that a successful business could also be socially responsible.

Staying true to our roots Five years after our founding, the values that Ceylon Fair started with still guide our company every day. We’re a mission-driven business grounded to supply great products that consumers love. We source products only from places and people we trust. And we work hard to act as a positive role model for consumers and other businesses.